We started in 1948, as a small production unit in Casablanca and soon became a flourishing confectionery and chocolate company in 1954.

We believe that success happens gradually, that’s why we constantly invest our time and efforts in order to produce quality products and satisfy our customers.

You can taste our passion in every bite of our premium delights

As a confectionary and chocolate producer we have been a part of the lives of thousands of children. Generations have grown up loving and trusting our products.

Through our brand MACAO, we offer a large selection of delicious products as a result of an ongoing commitment , constant quality improvement and a production line at the cutting edge technology.

Taking sound steps and never sacrificing quality, we entered new categories in consumer goods. Throughout the years and with guidance from our consumers, we supply a wide variety of products under our brand Macao– from candies to chocolate, from baking products to wafers, from chocolate spreads to events chocolate boxes. With our strong distribution network and years of expertise, we provide our consumers with quality products at a reasonable price as we bring joy and happiness to their lives.